Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pluto Loses Planet Status: August 24, 2006

Pluto and Chiron

Pluto! Pluto! I will miss you so!
Gone from the textbooks and the acronymic memorization sentences
that will now trail off without, "Period."
After Neptune, hanging in space, a semicolon;

Kicked out of the solar system!
Reclassified to “dwarf planet”!
(Why add a jab
to your galactic demotion?)

In quiet diligence in your oblique orbit
same as before you were ever seen
and recognized,
now shunned,
Oh Pluto!

Worse all over,
I suppose things could be,
if this had happened
to Uranus.

1 comment:

slskenyon said...

I just heard about this--what is it now? A planetoid or something like that? Really, you would hope that these people would have something better to be doing than having a "heated debate" about the spherical item orbitting God knows how many millions of miles away. Someone should have handed out flourescent colored vests, gloves, and black garbage bags and sent them out to go clean up a park. Then maybe their work would be, say, relevant.