Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Findings

We've found the whole thing, the earth
and taken pictures that show it all
you can pinpoint your own rooftop
zoom out to include Greenland
and Australia all on one screen.

We found an old rainforest a few weeks ago
while looking for coal to mine
under Illinois
a mud preserved cavern
the size of San Francisco and they keep finding ruins
they sought
of Aztecs and Greeks
artworks forgotten
surface in blackmarket sting operations
(or on ebay).

We've found music and painting and
everything but Atlantis
and their kitchen sinks.
Pompeii and porcupines,
dolphins and stingrays
jellyfish and coral colonies
bugs and frogs that numb your tongue so don't lick them
soil and dirt and rocks and gems
and crude sludge of lives long gone to decay
(it makes our cars go real fast to this day!)
and ice
as continents and mountains
they thought
would never melt ‘til we were long gone
(chunks of it fall into the sea now, on and on).

We have found everything we have needed to find
- so far.

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