Thursday, October 04, 2007

Open and Shut Case

Radio commercial: obnoxious fast shouting SFX something jarring
I am making a left turn
with respectful concern
for the pedestrian why am I
allowing this voice to shout throughout my car?!

Push of a button:
"Shut up!"
stops the assault
the young man in the crosswalk safely out of my path
I drive on.

Shut up...
shut down
shut out
shut in.

Shut over?
Shut under?
Shut across?
Shut sideways?
Shut othersideways?
Shut through?
Shut away.

Shut back
Shut forward.

My buddy would have laughed
and come up with a shut-combo
I haven't figured out yet.
This makes me laugh
and laugh for laughing
at the conversation I didn't have
but did.
Open and shut case.
Shuttle cock.

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