Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Cheesecake Redundancy

They bought a cheesecake, plain
served out of the box already sliced
waxed paper separators, exact sized wedges
so there was no question whether
each of us got what was admitted in the Nutrition Facts
(read after the fork had been licked clean)
and I am not exaggerating or
using my poet's licence to embellish the truth of the matter:
Serving size: one slice
Fat grams: 39
Calories: 500.

Fatty and filling and the only part worth savoring; the graham cracker crust
the cake itself: too rich, too heavy, too thick, too much a glob;
obesity on a fork - too dense to experience with any genuine awareness.
I have concluded cheesecake is indeed and certainly not worth the bother,
now that I know
the numerical

1 comment:

Johnno said...

I agree with you. Cheesecake is so overrated. It is the Emperor's New Clothes of the 2000's.