Friday, February 01, 2008


My friend Poncho (not his real name) came to visit me this morning. He was half way through a piece of carrot cake and also had an apple-filled, "huge bearclaw!" in hand.

Poncho is a fit, handsome, self disciplined, health-conscious man, but since the holidays he has been off his game. He says he's been craving sugar and fats, mostly. He had a cold recently and craved greasy fatty food, which he ate, and which helped him sleep - a lot.

He is going back to his healthy lifestyle Monday, after the Superbowl has passed. I think after he finishes that bearclaw in about ten minutes, he will be sick of bad food. He gave me a bite. It was delicious. Now I want a buttermilk donut and a cup of coffee.

When we eat healthful foods, we crave them. When we eat junk, we crave that. This is a fundamental law of human physiology.

Con carina,

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