Friday, March 07, 2008

The Thing About Lies

When, in any kind of meaningful relationship, one person lies to the other, the intuition of the person being lied to becomes obscured. This causes injury to the psyche of the person being lied to.

The joy of a close relationship includes a shared internalized reality. When one person's contribution is driven by fiction, the reality is destined to crash. When the "dupe" begins to sense discord, asks for a reality check, and gets a lie, the desire of the "dupe" to trust the friend forces self-admonishment.

This is a downright cruel thing the liar has done.

It can be remedied with honesty, humility, and diligence to maintain honesty for the future.

Lying by omission is a little more tricky; some information is nobody's business, but the person withholding information knows the difference between keeping healthy boundaries and being deceptive. What is the litmus test? Omit information that isn't necessary to the health of the relationship and it means nothing. Omit information that is necessary and it means everything.

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