Friday, January 16, 2009

Phase Book

So far I have over a dozen friends on Facebook, but I still don't have a Facebook page. My friends have launched a campaign, it seems, to get me to join. I am getting emails a plenty telling me I have been added as a friend by some very lovely people who indeed, are my friends!

They're charmingly persuasive in their persistence. Months ago I said I didn't want to join because the founder is a neo-conservative. I can only find the one article from the Guardian that tells about this, but I still have the creeping feeling Facebook is insidious.

Mark my words.

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Anonymous said...

You are not alone! Insidious indeed. In more ways than people not on and on Facebook can imagine. Found your site because I posted a Phasebook site on Facebook. As far as I know - it's the only one interested in questioning this megalith!
Best- M.R.

"Phasebook is a group interested in studying, deconstructing, subverting, creating art phrom, and making phun of a social phase, phace, book, or phenomenon on the internet. In time, Phasebook will phade and be phased out..."