Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Phaze Book Commentary Deux

Real friends, true friends, friends with whom I have shared experience and time and realization and laughter and poignancy and sandwiches, keep asking me if I'm on facebook. I say, "nope."

From time to time I ask one of these real life actual genuine friends to show me what's so great about facebook. So far, nothing makes me want to be on the thing. So far, every mini-tour I've been on, "See!? It's great! You have these and this and look at this!" resonates nothing; it's the antithesis of thud and wow - white on white is all I see. But I also get a little sour tummy squirm, slight nausea when I look at the sterility of it, the vapid not much at all really of it substance-free virtuality.

This video by Julian Smith sums up my future complaints, that is, were I to join. I will wait for facebook to be over, just like I waited for the SUV's to go away.

If anyone wants to find me, I'm right here.

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