Monday, August 24, 2009

Appendix: Safe Harbor for Healthy Bacteria

...among other helpful functions

I knew it! Turns out the Appendix is not extraneous!

It's like this realization: Early astronomers with brand new telescopes saw little blotches between the stars and planets in the night sky. The blotches were catalogued by Messier as "nebulous" meaning "clouds" as in "just nothing." He was looking for comets and these smudges were catalogued as, "What not to bother looking at."

Later, astronomers with better telescopes said, "We have a correction. Those blotches are galaxies."

In an infinite *universe, **conclusion is not absolute.

Of course the Appendix has a purpose. Otherwise, it wouldn't be there. Duh!

*As to the concept of the "multiverses", as "infinite" includes everything, so batches of verses are included in the edgeless everything.

**Yes, I know, neither is that one (or this) <--- or that! (ad infinitum).

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