Monday, September 19, 2011

Self Imposed Dramatic Tension: this episode, saving ideas for later

Today we have two videos that address the issue of procrastination. Watch these, then check your facebook, then check your email, then go get a sandwich, then watch TV, then go to the bathroom, then put your laundry away, then go to bed and start fresh tomorrow with lots of promises.

I also wanted to show the scene from This is Spinal Tap where, after after Nigel has left the band, David and Derek are talking about having the "time to do the projects they've always dreamed of," and all they can come up with is Saucy Jack. I couldn't find it on youtube. I went straight to the task but to no avail then gave up. This is different than never starting. This is making an executive decision to move forward without accomplishing the intended task.

So then the question becomes, if I never start, does this mean I've given up? Give me enough years and the answer will be yes.

Better get to it then.

(Thanks, Ze Frank for both of these.)

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