Tuesday, March 06, 2012

40 Days / Make Life Better 14

40 Days of posts that make life better, 14: The ability to allow ourselves to discover within the courage to change the things we can.

The following is how this story appeared on facebook:

MAKE THE CONNECTION. "And suddenly, I looked at the bull. He had this innocence that all animals have in their eyes, and he looked at me with this pleading. It was like a cry for justice, deep down inside of me. I describe it as being like a prayer - because if one confesses, it is hoped, that one is forgiven. I felt like the worst shit on earth." This photo shows the collapse of Torrero Alvaro Munera, as he realized in the middle of the his last fight... the injustice to the animal. From that day forward he became an opponent of bullfights.

After doing some research (having my sister in law give me a translation of the video below), we discover the photo is a little misleading (we'll call it poetic licence).  Munera was injured in a bullfight and that is what brought his revelation.  But the point still remains that he realized what he was doing was hurtful and therefore wrong, and he is now an advocate against cruelty to animals.  

Here is his statement in Spanish:

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