Monday, April 02, 2012

40 Days / Make Life Better: Bonus Round, 41

I've been doing the "40 days of posts that make life better" posts to go along, in my not particularly religious way, with the period of Lent. Yet, I was done yesterday, and Easter's still a week off... so I looked it up. 

Turns out I could have been taking Sundays off! (They are known as Sundays in Lent but are not considered part of it because every Sunday is a "little Easter"). Lent ends on Holy Thursday or Easter Sunday (depending on interpretation). 

So, let's go on to the bonus round - 41: The poets have been right: just because we couldn't see magical worlds, didn't mean they weren't there:

Watch "The Secret Life of Plankton" (embedding not allowed by site.)

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