Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pre-Sleep Meditation

Try this next time you go to sleep: As you drift off, conjure up the good feelings you have about your favorite people in the world. Let the feelings fill your heart and feel how far they can expand within you. Identify the feelings viscerally as well as with words in your head. Let the sensations you feel about your favorite people sink into your soul and at the same time lift and drift you off to sleep. Indulge your heart in the extent of how good it feels to love - notice the different qualities of love you feel in each relationship. Recall favorite moments with people and the wonder of knowing another person. Recognize the value of being understood, trusting and being trusted with the pleasure of good companionship.
When you wake up in the morning, notice whether or not you feel better than the days when you fell asleep the night before worrying.

(If you're in love, dwell on the wonder of your luck in having found someone to be in love with. Then act on it.)

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