Friday, February 02, 2007

Why I Go to the Superbowl Party

I've been enthusiastically invited to a Superbowl party with people I really like and maybe we'll play a little music, so of course I'm going. But I have to say that's why I like a Superbowl party. I go for the friends, the snacks, the relaxing on the periphery, the laughter, to enjoy the enthusiasm my friends are feeling for this show on TV. I also enjoy the commercials.

I don't have the sports gene. To me football is all color schemes and green grass and gluteus maximuses and hamstrings and quads, lots of people getting in each other's way and something about a ball going back and forth for several hours.

And I also see it sort of the way Ze Frank does:

More wine! More cheese! Why does spandex look so much better on a quarterback than on a tight end? And excuse me, but it looks to me like they've all got pretty tight ends!

Disclaimer: yes I understand sports has a value to those who understand it similar to the way good drama has meaning for me. I'm just telling you I don't have the gene so the story doesn't reach me. Aren't I diplomatic?

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