Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Railing Against the Rightward Careen

I have been writing a lot about politics lately, for obvious reasons, and specifically railing against the rightward careen.  Recently I told a lot of my friends to read "The Outstupiding of America" (below) and haven't gotten much response.  John from Wales had a really good response and it's posted.  I like the perspective John provides from outside the US, and the fact that he stopped by and spent enough time to say something.  He provides a healthy reminder that other countries are hoping we step up to our responsibilities as world leaders, too. 

As for my friends who haven't responded, they're all kind souls, so either they haven't read it yet or they don't like it and are being polite.  Tonight while watching The Daily Show, Jon Stewart and Bill Clinton were talking about how the left tends to demonize the right for being narrow minded.  The right apparently just gets panicky about new ideas, I can't remember the particulars of the assessment; I was too busy thinking about whether I was demonizing the right or just being reasonably critical.

But I'm going to follow my own advice now, and rather than spending energy hatin', I'm going to put energy into imagining and talking about how great things can be and how many choices we have right now, right this very day, to make the world better so the demons fly away on shriveled wings, back to their lairs.  Oops.  I slipped.

Best wishes!

Photo above courtesy mamasplace.net I've never shopped there, but they label gargoyles well.

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John said...

I can think of a couple of Gargoyles, with political ambitions, surnames beginning with "M" and"P", which maybe they could label.....

I have a hunch that thanks to the economy, and people beginning to look at the alternatives more carefully, that things may turn out OK in November.

I have been known to be wrong, of course....