Thursday, September 25, 2008

ojeano's bailout plan (OBP)

Here's my bailout plan: Make it so that a declaration of bankruptcy automatically siezes all assets of the claimants so they have to start over. Be nice and give 'em enough for first and last on an apartment. Disburse the rest of the funds from their assets evenly to the taxpayers - even on the top, depths to fill in the dents as necessary - lowest income gets most. The moguls can go find regular jobs and live a month to month lifestyle like most of the rest of us. A person can get a decent two bedroom apartment in a town like Reseda for about 1600 a month while learning the value of a dollar. It'll be tight, but they can eat corn and beans for the second half of each month. It's a complete protein!

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John said...

Inreresting, if marginally off-topic, comment by BBC reporter Justin Webb