Wednesday, March 05, 2014

40 Days of Posts that Make Life Better: #1: Birds!

And here we are, Ash Wednesday, the day Lent begins.  Not being religious, but appreciating the idea of moving toward springtime with 40 days of something positive as a reminder of compassion, sacrifice, commitment, gratitude, optimism and of course love, here comes year 3 of: *40 Days of Posts that Make Life Better.

Number one: Birds!  We have birds on this earth!  Birds!  Beautiful musical, pollinating, acrobatic, birds!  See or hear one and wonder what it is? You can identify through lots of sources but I just found this one, and it also has a map for locating the ones birders have logged:

Now, last year I kind of dropped off the map after day 17. This year I plan to be 23 times more dedicated to 40 Days of Posts that Make Life Better.

*Sundays off, there's where I'll follow the rules of Lent, unless I decide to do bonus posts.

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