Thursday, March 06, 2014

40 Days of Posts that Make Life Better, #2: Bees!

Walking along today enjoying the sunlight on the dandelions, I was also happy that it's so common to have a camera handy these days.  You can stay in touch with friends, manage the manageable events, and snap a photo of a bee on a flower!  So, our first two posts are the birds and the bees.  What a perfect foundation for a theme celebrating what's good about life: start with the start!

By now in history you don't need me to tell you how important bees are to humans, but in case you are not in the know, follow this link on wikipedia.  Or this one from the Humane Society about how to befriend bees.

When I was a teenager having lunch at a sidewalk cafe with a friend, a bee landed on our table, walked in circles and resigned to exhaustion. My friend poured a little fruit juice into a spoon and set it in front of the bee who drank and drank and flew off merrily.  That is how I learned bees sometimes don't pack enough lunch. They respond well to a little help.  That's a good reminder of how to be.

Ha ha how to bee.

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