Tuesday, February 17, 2009


with confidence
he steps to the world
drops his coat
and grabs the girl;
running along the shoreline
or into the woods
or along a city street
tangled with close-out sale goods,
there is magic when they're holding hands.

Together they have wit and charm
and a penchant for outsmarting harm.
But as easy as causing this wonderous scheme
is to leave it to the air, an evaporated dream.

To be brave, remember: however life works out
the biggest killer of them all
is a heart invested
in engaging doubt!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Flower Power

Here is some beautiful time lapse video of flowers blooming. Touched by Strangers. This has got to be good for the neurotransmitters. Om. I just found it. I don't know the people who made it. (Notice it is also viewable in HD).

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What the Karmic Role of the Noise?

The occasional murmur
made in a small room
is muffled and softened
by a carpet of Berber.
But the thuds of the bass
and its slam drum companion
persistent unrepentant
negotiated for modicum of volume and vibration
but as yet, not really.
Condition: unchanged
but for her day and nightly chance to answer
my earnest plea for politenment.

What, amid her cacophony of narcissism,
can I listen for within the din?
What might I hear from the soft quiet of my soul
that might identify itself as my enlightenment?

What can I hear beyond the staccato in four/four
persistently pounding through the entirety of my floor/floor
resoundingly backbeating up my skeleton,
that will be the key to unlock the stalemate
which is her desire for freedom of expression
pitted against my need for freedom from compression?

Monday, February 02, 2009

Oh, There's Still Lots of Money!

"This year, advertisers are paying $100,000 a second to get their [Superbowl] commercials in front of your eyeballs." KDKA /CBS, Pittsburgh.

If advertisers can afford to spend this much for commercials, how can there be budget shortfalls forcing teacher lay-offs?

Oh, yeah, I forgot: it's every man for himself. Bloody Liberals and their "share the wealth" mentality, trying to educate people. Tsk! Pff!