Friday, October 15, 2010

The Heritage IS the Problem

Okay: let's get this straight once and for all, Southerners of the United States: Yes, the confederate flag is a symbol of your heritage, and that's the problem.  The confederate flag is a symbol that needs to be banished to the museums so we never forget what horrors we are capable of.  It symbolizes humans=chattel.  Is that what you really want the rest of us to keep thinking about? 

Now some middle aged woman, who should really know better (or perhaps she was absent from school all her life), has chosen to fly one over her house?!  No.  Not a good idea.  Nope.  Woman: send it to the Smithsonian with a letter of apology from you and your ancestors and try to move forward.

You can buy a decorative flag at the garden store - they have some with pretty flowers on them, or you may even find one with a  hummingbird on it.  Who knows, the attractive new colorful artwork above your house might even give you an opportunity to strike up a conversation with someone on the neighborhood street who looks different than you!  Maybe you'll get lucky and that person will be a teacher!

Thursday, October 07, 2010