Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thank You, Bill Watterson and Gavin Aung Than

I fell for it. Thank you, Bill Watterson and Gavin Aung Than, for this kind, insightful cartoon: (When you get to the image, click on it to make it bigger.)

One of my refrains as an adult has been "I'm not a climber." But aha! That's exactly how the predetermined imaginary ladder of success traps those of us who are not corporate (or institutionally) minded and causes us slip on the rungs and bang our chins. The steady discomfort convinces us the climbers' lie is truth so when it comes time to pursue the development of our own talents, we're so busy scrambling for band aids and ice we've talked ourselves out of the idea that we can succeed at all. I am a crawler, a walker, a hiker, a dancer, a mover, a jumper, and yes, sometimes I like to climb, too.