Friday, February 03, 2023

Astronomical Dawn

This morning I happened to get up at the astronomical dawn.

Crisp, cold and windy outside, 

warm and quite comfortable inside.

Looking out the window to the eastern sky,

I saw a light so bright, 

I couldn’t tell if it was an approaching jet. Was it moving?


no, not moving.

But it’s too big to be Venus.

Like four times bigger!

Maybe it’s a comet? 

(No, If it were, somebody would have said something by now.) 

Must be a vision blur distortion.

So I washed my face,

brushed my teeth,

then looked again as the pink and blue dawn tempered the brilliance:

Now I see, yes, it’s Venus.

…The planet of Love.

So showy.

So many promises.

Literature, meet Science:

Sulfurous gasses.

Shining so beautiful.