Friday, February 29, 2008

Money and Timing

I understand so much more now:
why accountants worry about rules
why bill collectors are quick to anger.

Product delivered
long before,
yet no word and no word and no calls back
I reached further to the cahootant accountant
who hubristically said,
"Your check is in the mail!"

I check the mail
today and today and tonight and tonight
week, 'nother week, week-week.
And my check is not...

"The postal workers are slow and bogged down!
And Presidents' Day last week came to town!
Your check, just keep looking, check the mail and you'll see!
Your check is in the mail, it is, trust me!"

Now I understand why we need contracts
and laws and lawyers and the threat of them.
I know how to fight, but I don't like to.

The check, finally retrieved by hand
the money is in my account,
the client is history.

My karmic lesson:
Don't make people wait for their money.
It's rude.

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