Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Sign that Tends to be a Sign

See this sign here, the one with the two left arrows showing? See how part of the sign is covered by the tree's lush, healthy branches? I know what is hidden, and I like its symbolism.

This particular obstruction doesn't present a traffic hazard because the signal is long, the street ends in a T and it's obvious what drivers' choices are even without a sign.

It's not about the traffic in this story, it's about the sign. This sign is prophetic; it spoke to me this night, just as it spoke to me once before:

Near the end of 2000, when the US presidential election results were still uncertain and conversations about the outcome hung on chads, I came to a stop at this same intersection. It was dusky night and the glow of my turn signal reflected in rhythm on the sign, drawing my attention into a safe-driver's minor mesmerization. Two arrows showed pointing left, and, hidden in today's picture, one curved to the right. It was winter and the trees had no leaves (it has been a long eight years, maybe the trees were just sprouts back then).

I wondered if the sign could be telling me whether Gore or the other guy would become president. The sign seemed to say, "The left has more votes!" and alternately, "The right is clear and present."

Eight years later, I am pleased to see the right is out of the picture.

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