Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Friendly Manor: All About the Friendly Manner

New links have been added to the right hand column of this page. Among them: my youtube page and another fascinating source, FriendlyManorFilms. This archive of rare artistry was, according to FMF, "...found in Canoga Park, under a bed, in a gunnysack with a bag of Chips Ahoy cookies."

Among the troupe of actors in these works is an actress of unparallelllellled distinction. There's another actress in one of the two part films but I don't mean her, and there is another actress in one of the other films but I don't mean her, either: I mean: The Girl. She had talent, verve, vigor, could take a punch, and had quite the left hook!

We are grateful to the scrupulous scavenging that brought these films to projection and digitization. We are fans, indeed, of FriendlyManorFilms.

In other news: we regret the temporary downfall of jeanosullivan.com and anticipate its resurgence soon with a new host. Thanks go to Elizabeth for notifying us of our dormancy! Checking our own domains: now there's a time narcissism could have come in handy!


Anonymous said...

I love
Friendly Manor Films!

Dan O.

Anonymous said...

These videos are from my dad, uncles, and friends of his that he posted this year. Nice to know there getting around the web. The guy in "Reading and driving" and other videos is my Dad.