Sunday, May 03, 2009

Estate of Real

See? I tol'ja banks were hoarding repossessed properties to keep prices artificially inflated! Tol'ja tol'ja told you! See, now the story's even in the LA Times.

That's it: I want my bailout money back - with interest! ...28% compounded daily - with late fees!

Gluts of houses rotting in the noon day sun, weeds four feet high, the stench of abandoned filth soaking into the floorboards, sour funk swimming pools teeming with mosquito larvae be damned!

How many bids can you get? SOLD to the man (or woman) in the - wait, I can't see the buyer at all; s/he's up in his skyscraper, or the beach house, or the cabin estate! There is merely a bid and another and another - the spiral is upward and out of control. And the cost of the thing still a bargain to the wealthy, trickles down to a landlord's paradise. Ah, real estate is still a good investment... we can rest assured.

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