Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mannix Theme

I really liked Mannix and this song gets stuck in my head fairly frequently.  I don't mind.  It's usually when I'm doing something important.  It is helpful.

He was such an all around, manly guy.  Sometimes when I pour coffee into a cup I remember the episode where he went temporarily blind and was taught to wrap his index finger over the rim of the cup so he could feel when the liquid was reaching the brim.  I discovered about ten years ago that I shared the memory with a new co-worker.  It's what let me know that whatever he might do (or not do) he had the type of awareness of detail I would enjoy.  He's the one who also said there was a hymn they sang in church when he was a kid that he felt was out of context.  He wondered why they would sing about a circus bear, the kind that rides a tricycle around the center ring and wears a little hat.  I said, "what was the hymn?"  He said, "Gladly the Cross Eyed Bear."

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