Friday, September 03, 2010

Collaborative Memory

Sometimes along the back of my mind I get a sense memory of driving through a nondescript natural section of Northern California
a winding highway with a long steep grade that doesn't feel steep but calls for a little extra power
and the yellow beige grass and the spots of dark green oaks on the smooth hills and the blue sky with sparse wisp-ended cottony billow clouds.
It's just a part of a trip I once took
In a place where my grandfather had traveled
and where separately, of different lives, my father and mother, my brother and sisters and you and I have all seen this little section of Earth.
At the moment I wonder
if maybe we all felt the same mix of peace and anticipation at this simple passing through.
Not a famous forest, or a labeled rock formation or a declared scenic drive
just yellow beige grass blue sky green oaks
and reverence for a simple moment
that inspired always.

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