Monday, March 21, 2011

The Sun is Right There, Every Day, Without Fail

Today we talk about nuclear power, which makes us powerless beyond belief, and at the end of this post, a little reprieve. The second video has horrific images, so if you already understand why today we have fears about the effects of nuclear radiation, you can skip it. The first video is what my and my parents' generations were told. It felt like a lie because it was, but a lot of people believed it because it could be received as comforting, and that was enough!

"Sometimes a mutation can be a good variation - an improvement over the parents. If you'll be honest with yourself, face the fact: you'll proably realize that your principal worry ought to be that your offspring will look just like you."

Nice and easy to live with, the above, yes? Wouldn't it be nice if only it were true. The following images are disturbing. The video shows some of the birth defects caused by radiation exposure:

But there have been alternatives all my life that have been pushed to the side in favor of high profit energy sources like oil and nuclear. Here's an example of what can be done (but nobody makes money) note the Newfoundlander with the soda cans:

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