Friday, May 31, 2013

Mindfulness Meditations I Like

Here are some nice mindfulness meditation videos. They’re not dogmatic or magical, just using your brain to stay centered – like being in the middle of Fortuna’s Wheel instead of all over the spokes and rim and ups and downs.  The basic neurological principle is that the more time you spend in this state of mind, the more easily it will come to you when you’re in the midst of chaos:

I love this Irish guy Sean O’Tarpaigh’s meditations, especially this one:

Here’s his YouTube channel:

And then there’s Lori Granger, who is also great.  She’s in Fresno and has several that I enjoy:

And here’s her youtube page:

Sometimes I just listen to these as I do my morning stretches, but for best effect, lie down and listen and follow what they say. Each one's 10 - 15 minutes so they can easily fit into the day.

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