Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Ode to a Republican Tax Plan

The devil will give you candy
and pat you on the head
and make you think you're better off
by following his plans.
He'll show bullet points on paper
but stop you from turning the page
"Just take your sweet treats and we'll take care of the rest!"
Is what he always says.
But the rest isn't a sweet nap,
It's a long and twisted night.
and no matter how you reach and lurch
you can't turn on the light.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Me thinks taking the devil's candy led to Paul Manafort's guilty verdict and Michael Cohen's plea deal. One can only wonder when the devil himself will be taken down and find his own special place in hell. Will his base turn on him and revise the chorus to sing "Lock him up! Lock him up!" I can only wonder....

I wonder if this Ode was written by someone I knew long ago, in my younger days. It was 1982 to be exact. You might have called it Cal State London. We rode the tube, rented a real Mini, and ran with someone who referred to herself as Kitty. Once back in California, we took a VW bus ride to Sacramento to see Kitty, and then visited a place in San Francisco that Kitty often spoke of called Gilmores. You held my hand because, back then, I was afraid to step foot in the place even though there was nothing to be afraid of. I wonder if it is you, Jeano.