Monday, July 26, 2010

Ghost Town Tumble Weed Papers

A piece of philosophy for future writers: your friends won't read your stories.  If you give your stories to your friends, you'll always wonder, if they say nothing, whether they read your stories and didn't have the heart to tell you they didn't like them, or if they just never got around to reading them. Chances are, since you're their friend and they hear your voice enough day to day, your stories will wait, but won't be read.

So either way, it's a pinch for you.  So, send your stories to strangers if you want them read. In the old days, we submitted to magazines and got form letters back.  Now adays, we can blog, which is nice, 'cause friends might read a blog and can comment anonymously, and yet you will never know if they ever even looked so you'll be free to stew about your characters instead of your friends. 

And that is the end of this story, my friends.


Anonymous said...

And don't forget relatives.

Hershel Poochapanja
Scottie, Thailand

ojeano said...

I have a friend and a relative writing a book and I will read it but that is because I am a writer.

ojeano said...

My friend who is a writer read my story!