Thursday, July 01, 2010

Good Practice

People like to say that if it weren't for the bad times, we wouldn't appreciate the good. I wholeheartedly disagree! I guarantee you I would LOVE all good, all the time, even with no contrasting agents to spell it out for me.

Of course the cynic might suggest the absence of bad would neutralize good.  Then a conversation could go on for hours engaging the concepts of good vs. bad, or holy vs. evil.  But even an argument wouldn't need to exist if all good was pervasive.

But what about people's different definitions of good?  Ah yes, thinking from here in 3D that is a problem. Some people find others' bads good and others' goods bad.  Maybe that's why the concept of Heaven was invented.   What would happen if everyone on this earth, regardless of their dogmas, just said, and meant, and acted upon the following for a complete year: "Today I will work to see how heavenly I can make this earth."?  I bet we'd find more agreement about the nature of good than we would discover through academic argument.

...but maybe some people wouldn't want to do this because they feared it wouldn't be good, or their minds were the literal kind that would presume this meant a remodeling of the earth to mimic their envisioned heaven.  I don't think we could make enough dry-ice fast enough.  And here we have the not-good on the first day of all-good.  Great.

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